What is a Model?

In SCiO, Models are the mathematical algorithms that transform data collections into data processing engines.

Models are built from data collections, which are groups of scanned samples. Samples are the collection of spectra and meta-data of sample materials.

Within the SDK, you’ll be involved in the process of SCiO Model Creation and SCiO Mobile Application building. This section of the online guide explains the modeling process, while the Mobile APIs for Android and iOS explain the application building process.

Reminder: you’ll need at least one working model before you can build a SCiO mobile application. (You can think of models as the processing brain behind each application)

The SCiO Model workflow includes the following basic steps: Model Preparation, Data Collection Definition, Data Collection Formation, Model Creation and Tweaking, Model Evaluation and Testing.

Once models are tested with good performance, SCiO mobile apps based on those models can be created.